Friday, May 09, 2014

Gathered Cushion Cover

Finished size 31x33cm

90cm cotton fabric
Matching thread
Cushion insert 36x36cm
160cm cord


1 For the front cut two 13x37cm strips and one 13x72cm strip. For the back cut one 30x35 cm piece and one 17x35cm piece.

2 Zigzag down the length of the 72cm strip encasing an 80cm cord. Repeat on the other side.
3 To gather the fabric hold the cord in one hand and push the fabric towards the centre. When gathered it should be the same length as the other two pieces.

4 With right sides together stitch the three strips of fabric to form a rectangle, with the gathered piece in the middle.

5 Unpick the zigzag stitch and remove the cord. The easiest way is with a seam ripper.

6 On the right side of the fabric top stitch down the length of the seams. The front piece is now finished.
7 For the back pieces fold one long side ( 35cm)of each piece under 1cm press and fold under again  1 cm and hem.
8 Place the back pieces on the work surface right side up. They will overlay by about 5cms. Lay the front piece on top right side down. Pin the front and back pieces together and stitch around the rectangles perimeter. Remove pins as you stitch.
9 Zigzag edges to minimize fabric fraying. Turn right side out and insert cushion

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