Friday, April 25, 2014

Simple Cshion Cover with Opening

I adore the print on this cotton fabric. Its fresh and all the butterflies remind me of warmer days. For this cushion I wanted to highlight the larger tree with the flower on the right. therefore a little  fabric was sacrificed to make this possible. This cushion cover is easy to make and it has an opening which I like because unlike the basic cushion from my last post its easy to remove for laundering.

50cm of fabric if using a solid more if its patterned.
matching thread
cushion insert

1Cut fabric, one piece for the front 42cm X 42cm. Two pieces for the back 25cm X 42cm.
2 Starting with the back pieces fold one long side under 1cm press flat, repeat and iron to create the hem. Stitch down its length. Repeat with the other back piece.
3 Lay the  back pieces on your worktable with right sides up. overlap the two pieces to form a 42cm square. The hemmed sides should be facing the middle. The overlap will be approximately 10cm
4 Place front piece on top of overlapped back pieces  right sides together. pin together to prevent sliding during sewing. Stitch around the entire perimeter of the square. Trim corners zig zag edges to prevent fraying.
5 Turn right side out. Insert cushion

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Basic Cushion Cover

The Square
finished project 36cm ( 14in)

Materials Needed
furnishing fabric approximately 40cm (16in)
Matching thread
cushion pad 36cm (14in) square
1 Cut two 38cm (15in) squares. Most furnishing fabrics will indicate on the selvedge which way a pattern runs. its  a good idea to cut and stitch both pieces running the same way. I placed a pin to help me remember which way is up.
2 (this step is optional) Looking  at my fabric I felt it needed a pop of colour so I satin stitched the centres of some of the flowers with neon yellow embroidery thread.
3 Place fabric right sides together, pin to prevent slipping during sewing. Lightly mark the opening with tailor's chalk on one side about 18cm (7in) long.
4 Stitch around the perimeter 1 cm in from the edge. remove pins as you stitch. Back stitch start and finish to reinforce stitch. Zig-zag edge to prevent fraying.
To help me sew straight I keep the needle in the centre position on my machine and line up the fabric with the edge of the all-purpose foot. This does two things it gives a seam of about 1cm and a straight line.
5 Turn right side out, gently poke out corners with a chopstick. Insert pillow pad and slip stitch opening closed.
(if your pillow form has a zipper closure, open it and gently ease some stuffing into the corners for some nice corners.)



Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Card making

last week I attended a card making class at my local library. there were six of us who signed up to make eight cards ( four of each design). it took me about two hours to make all the cards. hope the library offers similar classes in the future.