Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Shy Seahorse

Seahorse Pattern and Instruction
Finished project approximately 7'' tall

Materials Need:
10'' x 10'' fabric for body
5'' x 5'' felt
Black embroidery thread
Sewing thread to match fabric

1.Cut out all pieces from chosen fabric using the template provided. Make sure to cut a mirror image of the body pieces.

2.Tack the back fin to one body piece. Hem the top of the pouch piece and tack it onto the belly. As shown above.
3. Pin and stitch belly piece to body from points A to B. Check seams
4. Pin body pieces right sides together. As shown above. Starting at the opening slowing stitch all around, backstitch at the start and finish. To turn corners place the needle down into the fabric, lift the foot, spin the fabric in the desired direction, release the foot down and continue stitching.
5. Check all seams and clip curves. Turn right side out, fill with stuffing. Close opening with ladder stitch.
6. Embroider the eyes using 3 strands of floss.

Final thoughts
The seahorse makes a perfect safe toy for little hands especially if a noise maker like a small bell is inserted into the stuffing before it is stitched closed.
 Only the male seahorse has a pouch. make a pair one with a pouch and one without.
Seam allowances are included. Use a short stitch length. I used a 2mm length.