Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Basic Cushion Cover

The Square
finished project 36cm ( 14in)

Materials Needed
furnishing fabric approximately 40cm (16in)
Matching thread
cushion pad 36cm (14in) square
1 Cut two 38cm (15in) squares. Most furnishing fabrics will indicate on the selvedge which way a pattern runs. its  a good idea to cut and stitch both pieces running the same way. I placed a pin to help me remember which way is up.
2 (this step is optional) Looking  at my fabric I felt it needed a pop of colour so I satin stitched the centres of some of the flowers with neon yellow embroidery thread.
3 Place fabric right sides together, pin to prevent slipping during sewing. Lightly mark the opening with tailor's chalk on one side about 18cm (7in) long.
4 Stitch around the perimeter 1 cm in from the edge. remove pins as you stitch. Back stitch start and finish to reinforce stitch. Zig-zag edge to prevent fraying.
To help me sew straight I keep the needle in the centre position on my machine and line up the fabric with the edge of the all-purpose foot. This does two things it gives a seam of about 1cm and a straight line.
5 Turn right side out, gently poke out corners with a chopstick. Insert pillow pad and slip stitch opening closed.
(if your pillow form has a zipper closure, open it and gently ease some stuffing into the corners for some nice corners.)



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