Friday, May 02, 2014

Basic Cushion cover with a zip

Finished size: 41 X41cm
Fabric name: Lisette 2012

Fabric 50cm
Matching thread
Zipper 30cm (12in)
Insert 41 X 41 cm


1 cut two squares 42 X 42 cm
2 zig zag all edges of both squares to minimize fraying

3 place the squares right sides together on your work table lay the zipper on one edge and mark where it starts and ends. Pin and stitch the seam using a 1 cm seam allowance. Leave the zip opening unstitched.
 Hand tack the zip opening closed along the seam line. Iron the seam allowance open. (Black thread was used for the photo)

4 place the zip within the tacked section of the opened seam right side down. Position the zip slightly off centre so the zip teeth sit on one seam allowance only. Pin in place and tack.

5 using the zipper foot on a sewing machine place the fabric right side up and stitch the zipper in place to form a rectangle around the zipper. Remove tacked threads.
6 partly open zipper. Line up the two squares right sides together. Pin and stitch up the other three sides.

7 clip corners and turn right side out. Insert cushion.


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