Friday, October 10, 2014

I remember

It was Grandparents week at my children's school the week which made me reflect on my wonderful grandparents. The bench  in the above picture sits in my mudroom, the cushions on the bench  were made a long time ago by my grandmothers.
My grandmothers were friends who often worked on the same projects. My paternal grandmother was very skilled with a embroidery needle and the work on the front of the cushion was done by her. My maternal grandmother would create pure magic with a crochet needle the trim around each cushion was done by her.
Both grandmothers were always busy making something. the something was always an item for the home, a table cloth , a cushion or tea towel.
 I remember my grandmother telling me that the project she was working on was for me for when I grew up and had a home of my own I could display the item and remember her. This of course made little sense to me at the time but today when I see the cushions in my mudroom I remember- my grandmothers made those cushions for me.

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Anonymous said...

beautiful precious memories and heirlooms.