Friday, September 05, 2014

Patchwork Cushion Cover

This is a good project to make with fabric left over from other projects.

Materials needed

one 12in zipper
17in striped fabric
5in navy fabric
8in floral fabric
Finished size 16in square pillow


Cut  the following-for the front one 7in square from floral fabric, two 7in x 2 in from navy fabric, two 10in x 2 in from navy fabric, two 9 ½ in x 4 in from striped fabric and two 16 ½  x 4 in from striped fabric. For the back cut one 16in square from striped fabric.

Sew the 7in navy strips to the top and bottom of the floral square. Follow this by sewing the 10in navy strips to the sides of the floral square. The square should now be framed by the navy fabric and measure 9inches.

Next repeat the same steps with the striped fabric. Sew the shorter strips to the top and bottom and the longer strips to the sides. The square should now measure 16inches.

To attach the zipper place the front and back pieces together with right sides facing centre the zipper on the bottom raw edge measure the zipper  pin and stitch a 1in seam leaving the section were the zipper will be unstitched. Tack the zipper opening closed. Place the zipper face down on the zip seam tack into place. Using a zipper foot stitch the zipper into place starting about 1in down from the pull tab. When you reach the  opposite side of  where you started stop and slide the pull tab down and behind the zipper foot. To do this leave  the needle in the down position and lift the foot so as to not lose your place. Once you have the pull tab behind the zipper foot release the foot and finish stitching.
Open the zipper place front and back pieces right sides together stitch the other three sides to complete the cushion cover. Turn right side out stuff with cushion pad and enjoy.

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