Friday, June 13, 2014

Essential Craft Tools

Having the right tool for the job makes a huge difference when working and in the finished product . This week I thought I might show you some of my favourite and essential tools in creating my cushions and dolls.

Rotary cutter, mat and ruler
Three separate items but as a team they are a dream allowing me to cut straight neat edges when making cushions.
Stuffing Stick
Not much to look at  and I am sure it has a proper name but it makes turning arms and legs right side out so very easy. Also it was free with a bag of fiber -fill.
Fabric Marker
I like to use the purple end. I write on the fabric and by the time I am finished with the project the marks have completely disappeared. Magic really.
Good  sharp scissors are important in preventing fatigue when cutting. Only use fabric scissors to cut fabric never cut paper with them, constantly reminding my children not to cut paper with my fabric scissors.
Seam Ripper
For my mistakes of course.
Tape Measure

Measure twice cut once, the advice my TAFE teachers gave me. My tape measure is in centimeters  on one side and inches on the other.
Finally my sewing machine, its a Singer, its basic and well I love it.
What tools  do you use most often?

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