Thursday, June 05, 2014

Book Review

I love books especially books with pretty covers and "My Rag Doll' by Corinne Crasbercu is one of those books. It retails for $22.99.
The book is divided into two sections with patterns following each section. The first sections focus is on making the doll and hair. The outfits and accessories follow in section two and this makes up most of the book. There is only one doll pattern with seven variations on facial features and hair styles. You need to enlarge the patterns by 140%. I had a go at making the doll but did not enlarge the pattern nor did I add a seam allowance. My finished doll is just under 10inch still a good size doll.
The instructions are straight forward and often brief. There are no step by step pictures to follow. The doll and dress did come together easily enough however I would have liked some illustrations  just for confirmation that I was on the right track. The dress I made is on page 68 and the shoes minus the strap on page 30.
The book has no glossary or techniques section and I did have to refer to another craft book for some guidance on a embroidery stitch.
I feel this book assumes the reader has prior knowledge and experience with crafts, knitting and crochet knowledge is also needed for some of the hairstyles. I could not recommend this book to someone who is new to doll making, If you like making clothes for your dolls this is a good book.
I am glad I purchased the book. There are many things within its pages to inspire and challenge me for a while.

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