Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Pleated Handbag

This is the third bag I have made from "The Better Bag Maker" it's the 'Osaka Pleated Handbag'. This bags skill level is Advanced beginner.
my thoughts on this bag- the purse feet are cute but not necessary if I was to make this bag again I would eliminate this step or maybe use flatter purse feet. The base is too wide for a small handbag. I like the polyester boning used on the handles. it is light and roomy. The pleats were too thick at the top seam for my machine, to get the stitching started  I used folded card board under the presser foot  at the start, since I don't have any presser foot spacers.
Also a note to self when adding the exposed zipper pocket I need to reduce the opening, in the materials list this bag calls for a 6' zipper which I purchased but when it came time to make the zipper pocket I forgot about the smaller size and had to put the project on hold until I had purchased a larger zipper for the opening I had made.
The O ring is from Bagmaker supply and the rest of the materials from Joann's  expect for the pelmet interfacing that I got from
I am currently gathering the materials for the next project in the book.
happy sewing

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