Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Crossstitch Bookmark

Bookmarks could be considered outdated and redundant by many especially if they have totally embraced e-books but for me who goes back and forth between the two bookmarks are relevant and necessary.
The following project is easy and quick even for a beginner and depends on what is available in your scrap fabric basket.

Materials needed:
scrap fabric
fusible interfacing
small cross stitch* ( no larger than 5x5cm)

1. Gather fabric scraps, cut two pieces to measure 5x5cm and one to measure 4x4cm. Arrange and stitch to cross stitch top and sides. Cut another piece of fabric 13x8cm  and stitch to cross stitch bottom.
2. Cut backing fabric and interfacing 8x18cm iron on the interfacing onto the wrong side of the back piece. I used a  light weight fusible interfacing.
3. Place front and back pieces right sides together and stitch around the perimeter of the bookmark leaving a small opening for turning right side out about 2cm.

4. Trim corners (as shown above) and  turn right side out. To do this I use a chop stick starting at the bottom I pull the fabric over the stick until its turned right side out. Next I push out the corners using the end of a  small paintbrush.
5. Stitch around the perimeter to close the opening and create a border. Begin reading.
*Cross stitch image from 'Molly Makes issue 31 'Hit the Jackpot' p77.

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