Friday, October 18, 2013


A year ago my son asked me for a dinosaur. I had never made a dinosaur before and really had no idea where to begin but not to disappoint I had a go. That first dinosaur was a disaster after a couple of hugs its neck began to flop to one side and the legs could not hold itself up. However he loved it and eve n took it to preschool the next day. I on the other hand saw it as a  failure and since have been working on perfecting my dinosaur. Fortunately  along the way I discovered 'Stuffed Animals' this book is wonderful because it takes away all the guess work, thanks to  its 52 lessons.
In my most recent attempt at creating a dinosaur I used two of the lessons from this book. Lesson 11 eyelids and lesson 44 cutting a hole to attach limbs. This method of attaching limbs is strong  and neat and in my opinion perfect for making toys for small children.
I like this dinosaur way more than the first one I made a year ago but best of all my son tells me its his favourite.

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Anonymous said...

I've never thought to make stuffed toys or the like but your writing and results inspire